Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 2: Only Sightly Altered States

Think this one will suit me?

Last night me and my bro and his gf walked around NanLuoGuoXiang (my brother said it was the BJ version of London's Brick Lane: and he was right), and the mainstream barland of Houhai lake. Needing a place to just sit down, i suggested a virtually empty small joint which was playing a Ting Tings track.

Inside the place were 2 guys who helped us dnld whatever music we felt like listening to.

While sitting around, i noticed a pack of rollies in the table, w/ the cover mostly ripped off. Which could only mean one thing.

So i asked the guys if they knew where someone could find something to smoke besides tobacco. they said it's much more available in other cities, but it's really hard in BJ 'cause this is the Olypic city. Stupide Olympics! Consider yourselves warned, Vancouver.

But then he bust out a container of hemp seeds and started picking through it for tiny little bits of bud. It took a while, but he eventually rolled one on the table. i thought that was rather brazen considering the country we're in. We smoked it right there while the one guy, a tattoo artist, showed us his drawings.

Now i can't say i'm into typical tattoo or heavy metal art consisting of demons and skulls and flames and gouged out eyeballs and torture etc, but it did get me thinking about the counter-culture from which tattoos sprung. For example i think that typical death-metal tattoo images are probably the most unpleasant images for some people like, say, my mom. And in that light, i somehow have more respect for it.

The reactionism is a big part of that style of art, but still there's no denying that people love that stuff for its own sake too.

Anyhow, i suspect that my musings on the subject were just slightly tweaked from the tokes i had. Can't say i was high, but at least buzzed.

Also i did some thinking about some other stuff, which was really good for me. But i'm not sure if that subject is bloggable at this point in time.

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