Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 29: Cops Trying to Break Into My Apartment

Recently i got a phone msg from my boss asking me to call him ASAP.
Turns out his wife saw 2 (presumably) police officers (for that's what they looked like) were at my door, taking different keys out of an envelope and trying them in my door.

Ok, first they tried to ring the doorbell, apparently. But me and my brother didn't hear anything. And i was possibly even awake at that point in the morning.

Also, it's funny, because the door wasn't even locked in the first place, so they didn't really try and get in or anything.

"Get rid of the grow op," said my boss, which rather worried me since i'd been reading and thinking about how to get my hands on some vegetables in Beijing.

Also, i started worrying about my internet usage, which has included journeys to sites which the chinese guver mint wouldn't approve of.

Heza reported people knocking on her door that morning, but she didn't get out of bed to answer.

The school secretary called the popo, and also the community security force, neither of which had any knowledge to share on this topic.

So anyhow, it's a medium-sized unsolved mystery. Weird.

My optimistic self thinks that maybe they found some keys and thought they could be mine for some reason. Ok, it doesn't really make sense,but the rest of it doesn't either. That was a wk ago, and i haven't found any strange fingerprints in my apartment since.

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greensnake said...

they were probably security guards who wear the same clothes as cops and i bet they were just checking to make sure their keys to your place work so they can party while you go on vacation this winter :-) leave them some good baijiu and a welcome note!

what a crazy story.