Saturday, November 22, 2008

Day 22: If You're In a Bad Mood, Should You Still Go Out On Friday Night?

Answer: well there's too much inertia happening to bail out at this point.

And anyhow, Friday was pretty hilarious. Got a last minute invite to some photography opening. Didn't expect much but as soon as we walked into the place, it was like getting a cup of posh artsy water thrown into your face. Cool garllery made out of a converted traditional house and its courtyard. Chinese and foreign photographers on display. Plus dj and free booze.

i met the artist who my friend knew, who had pix from India. Incidentally he was from France, and had spent a decent amount of time in Vancouver and the Canadian far north. so it was cool to have so many connecting points.

Also, any art opening that's pretentious enough for people to randomly take off their pants is a-ok in my books.

Then we ducked out to hit 2 Kolegas for some live electro night, and that place was totally cool. Another of BJ's pillars of the rock and roll scene. The music was good, and the gang was fun. Got pretty drunk despite the watered down drinks, and that was ok.

Derrick and friend in the pic.

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