Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 15: Bros

So my brother will be hanging w/ me in BJ for another month. It's been a couple years since we last hung out, in San Fran.

Since he's arrived many people have commented that we look alike. Like moreso than in the past. 2 people asked if we were twins. I have never thought that we look much alike. But now that Derrick's picked up some dark glasses, i can't deny it: he looks like me.

Also, i've been surprised to find that for the first time (somehow) our personalities have a lot of parallels. He also digs the atmosphere of the local cheapo ramshackle restaurants. He too likes to explore in places where you're not supposed to explore. He too is pretty happy to do things in ways which are interesting, if not easy. He too will sport a hairdo which my mother finds appalling. Mind you, he will brag that he spent 2 hours at Toni and Guy's to get his. I would never do that.

Also he is really into sports. So let there be no more confusion between us.

The pic above? BROS, circa late 80's. UK smash hit wonders.

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