Monday, July 30, 2007

Status Red kicks off (from Vancouver)

Hey all, Welcome to my blog and my effervescent chronicles in the country which has the widest rich/poor gap, a zany single child policy, cheap ass labour coming out its ears, and profits to match. In the midst of my preps to split the continent, i've already got stuff to expound. But no, i'm not exactly excited per say, as that's not really my scoop, but there's definitely gonna be some crazy shit to check out. And sorry BC kids, i'm not reluctant to leave Vancouver at all.

Things to expect to deal with:
  1. stupid Olympics and their preps. Bad enough in Vancouver, but the impact in Beijing is way bigger, and undoubtedly having lots of negative impacts along with the good ones. But weirdly enough, i could be in a bubble in this regards: language barriers, and massive c/nc/rsh*p of anything the government doesn't want public.
  2. no more ganja for a long time. No big prob expected here, and i'm indulging as much as i want before leaving wonderfully liberal Vancouver.
  3. Living like a king. And possibly feeling weird about it. Ok, $22000 USD ain't that much to fuss about, but w/ rent included it's f'ing huge by Chinese standards. Well let me rephrase that: it's nothing compared to the Chinese filthy rich, but 7 times more what other public school teachers will be earning there. At any rate, Heather and i will be eating out whenever the hell we feel like it. And buying local will be the obvious and cheap ass way to go.
  4. Bye bye pornography. Although really it would be so so easy to sneak some into the country on a dual boot hard drive, i've decided to make a clean break w/ this one (thank-you thank-you thank-you, i appreciate your support). We'll see if i end up wanking over bra ads when heather's not around. (Too bad though, since i just recently got turned onto some pretty hip porn: Vivid Alt, if yr interested.)
  5. Dui bu qi. Wo bu shuo Putonghua. "Sorry, i don't speak Mandarin." Yet.
Well, there's pbly more, but this is a start. Seriously, i never even mentioned teaching. Anyhow, Heather and i have some time yet to get things on the go.

Commie/canadian flag: my own slowly progressing digital skills.