Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things I Stole From Facebook

Well, although noone prompted me to do so, i thought the 25 Random Things About Me posts by people are occasionally pretty entertaining. So here's my shot. I am heavily tempted to post this on Facebook itself, but feel that there's too much ego complcations in doing so. Anyway, here's the list.

1.After a car crash I was in a coma for 4 days.
2.I have been loosely veg for 15 years, and should be better at explaining why by now.
3.Got 2nd place for eating 15.5 pieces of greasy Pizza Hut pizza in a horrible eating contest, and went veg directly afterwards.
4.Once lit a squirrel on fire.
5.As a child, I actually won piano competitions, despite my hatred for piano.
6.Came in last place in a mountain bike race
7.Can just barely hang out in China with people who don't speak English.
8.Once had the bad idea of becoming a model.
9.Changed my name to William because I thought “Willy Wang” was a good, healthy form of self-deprecation.
10.Won the karaoke contest, singing He-e-e-e-ey Good Lookin'.
11.Occasionally my memory is incredibly accurate, but it's usually substandard.
12.I hilariously ran for student council prez at Acadia University, and got the same percentage of the vote as Ralph Nader in his first candidacy.
13.My high school garage band got interviewed and the headline quoted me: “90% of All Music Is Crap.”
14.Spent 2 years trying to become an underground acclaimed space rock musician. Until I realized that I wasn't talented or dedicated enough.
15.Spent 2 years thinking my career would be a playwright. Until I realized that I wasn't talented or dedicated enough.
16.Hitchhiked alone from Seattle down to San Francisco and Santa Cruz.
17.Used to think that anyone who believed in religion, tarot cards, astrology, UFO's, or ghosts was an idiot.
18.The first music I ever bought was either a Corey Hart 45, or a Depeche Mode extended mix vinyl EP.
19.Used to have a habit of getting drunk and partying before running ½ marathons and triathlons the next morning.
20.Used to be a super-candied-out raver.
21.Saw the Dalai Lama in Paris, and frankly found it pretty boring.
22.Most people don't realize how anal retentive I am about environmentalism.
23.Once dropped out of a women's studies course 'cause I thought the teacher stunk, and 'cause I shouldn't stay in a women's studies course just 'cause I was sitting next to a cute girl.
24.I eat more than practically anyone I know.
25.Sometimes people think i'm modest, and then I can revel in how I duped 'em.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Call Me Edison

A while ago, i met this this chinese photographer, who said he was interested to shoot me, and was i ok to pose nude. So of course, i was like, sure, no prob. He's already taken nude/semi nude pix of a couple friends of mine.

So then we met up today, along w/ our mutual friend to act as translator. And also another friend who it turns out had also agreed to do a photoshoot: a beautiful french woman with large breasts, incidentally.

Anyhow, we proceeded to do a photo session that lasted a full 3 hrs, and which ended up being way way way more provocative than anything i'd originally envisioned. It started out innocent enough working with the drapes, and getting tied up and stuff, working up to posed kissing, yoga poses, staged oral sex, taking a bath together, angry water fights, pissing, artificial semen, etc etc.

Didnt get a hard on at any point in time, which was down right professional of me, i think.

i kept checking in w/ the other model to make sure she was cool with things, which she was, if not always 100% enthused. Frankly i found most of it pretty hilarious (though the water fighting was pretty headachey), and was happy to throw in ideas about positions and camera angles, etc.

The photographer seemed overjoyed to have such cooperative models, and we all agreed that a lot of the shots turned out really cool.

However as soon as it was declared that we were done, it finally struck me that the possible ramifications of this event could revisit me at some inopportune time. And then i couldn't stop thinking about the 1984 Miss America who lost her title after her nude pix were discovered, and about the Edison Chen scandal, and let's certainly not forget about Paris Hilton.

Hey, what if i someday go into politics? or become a beloved tv persona? This shit could seriously sneak out of the past with a hard left uppercut. So anyhow, now i feel kinda weird about the whole thing. Is a teacher allowed to do tastful artistic nudes? Or what about shots that some people (and definitely the chinese govt) would consider to be poor no graphic? what do you think? i dunno. i'll have a private discussion about this with my boss tomorrow. Seriously.

anyhow, i should try not to lose any sleep about it at this point, since the dude will ask me and the woman for permission before posting anything onto that infernal world wide web, where images go out for public consumption, and then end up on people's hard drives never to be reclaimed again.

Anyhow, we'll see what ends up where later. Ask me later if anything went up, and maybe i'll tell you where they are. Then you can see what my dick looks like after two hours in a chilly apartment.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And A Happy Valentine's Day To You

i can't say i was particularly stoked for Valentine's Day, but i did end up on sort of a date, went to a a party-concert-sales-pitch thing which was horribly boring, went to a very mellow sort of a house party, and finally went to see a rockabilly band before dancing to house music.

Besides having a date (and we discussed the definition of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", which is sort used the same way as in English, but not quite) i also met a girl who told me things like, "i'm a bad girl", "i don't like being lonely", "Do you think i'm an animal? My friends say i'm a fox," before showing me bikini-and-less-clad pictures of herself on her phone. Which were admittedly totally HOT. Such is life.

92% of all dialog this day was in mandarin. Which is pretty good, even if 92% of conversation consists of me saying "ting bu dong" [i don't understand what the hell you're saying], or discussion about how good my mandarin is, even though there's not really much question about how incredibly limited i am in all my communications.

Oh well. Workin' on it.

Flickr Already

Since so many of you have been griping about my lack of new pictures on flickr, i got off my lazy bum and posted some. So lay off now. Are you happy already?

Just joking. No one mentioned anything about anything.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Kaboom Shaboom

i was frankly a bit disappointed that for two chinese new years, i've been in a city where it's not much celebrated. Celebrated yes, but not in its fun-powder fueled spirit. But after the fact, i was in BJ for the last day of the spring festival, which i gather is also a good time to let loose with the fireworks.

Here's a peek at my 1 hour bike ride home from downtown, which was pretty bloody fun. This DIY firecracker stuff shits on the Vancouver Symphony of Fire, in my opinion. Mind you, by the time i got home i just wanted to take cover. I was starting to get nervous about all the explosions that seemed to be unnecessarily close to my head.

Last year, in BJ alone, 434 fireworks-related injuries were reported, along with 1 fatality.

Also, the not yet even finished CCTV building caught fire that night. Actually it's 2 buildings and the smaller one went up in flames. Rumour has it there were fatalities. Hard to know since the govt is sensoring internet content about this. Not surprisingly, fire trucks had a terrible time getting there due to the ensuing traffic jam. Pretty crazy.

Of note: a lot of fireworks use gun powder bought on the black market, which is generally originates from military sources. Many are assembled by little kids in a shelter out in a a farmer field somewhere, away from the eyes of authorities. And we hope, open flame.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Firsts, Etc

Manila is kind of intense. The traffic seems to be consistently horrendous. Safety is a definite concern: did i lose my camera, or was it snatched? Not to mention muggings of family members, etc. But with so many people living under hard circumstances, none of this is unexpected.

Also, it's hot. Well, technically this is the cool season, but you'll still sweat through the night with no clothes or covers. Largely i dig the hot weather, even if the excessive air conditioning leaves me shivering.

Regardless it was great to go somewhere new for a while, and to hang out with family members so numerous i can't keep track.

Here's some stuff i did.

Saw wild dolphins, and i didn't like it. Too weird, since literally 15 big boats filled with people were all chasing the dolphins around from spot to spot.

Saw tarsiers, the world's smallest monkeys. they're about hte size of a frog. But didn't much like it since it was too weird that they were sitting there, not running away, while a busload of people all clamoured to take pictures for 10 minutes before hustling off to the next tour spot.

Swam in a volcano filled with aqua blue water.

Did a couple sessions of Muay Thai (thai kick boxing). i have trouble swinging my hips and shoulders when i kick.

Shot a semi-automatic hand gun. Why not? i'll doubtfully ever touch a real gun again in my life. Didn't much like it. Um, don't you know these things are dangerous?

And i had after unsuccessfully trying to invite my aunt and cousins out for my last night in Manila, i conceded to my cousin's enthusiastic idea to hit the peeler bar. Which wasn't quite what i expected. Kind of like a regular strip joint except for this one massive window to let you see a room crammed with 30 women, mostly young, sitting with numbers hanging around their necks. "Which one do you like?" my cousin asks. But seriously i can't handle it. So i say i don't need anyone, and wander off to watch a dancer on the stage. But a minute later a disturbingly young girl (#7, i think) takes my hand and leads me to a table in the front row, a server pours me a beer, and a man stands behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders and back.

My cousin is nowhere to be seen. #7 is sort of cuddly with me, but my attempts at conversation are stilted, largely 'cause she her English is very limited. Eventually we join my cousin in a private side room. He's getting cuddly with #27, and a man massaging his back. #27 is more saucy, and she rubbed my crotch a few times to assess the size of my cock.

Anyhow, nothing really happened. i wasn't at all up for a crazy night, and my cousin, wedding averted, said he's been good for too long to plunge bk down this pathway. Apparently he was trying to vicariously have some crazy experience through me, but i was mostly thinking about how to describe the night to a friend in BJ who i had a date with the next night, a girl who's too innocent for her own good.