Thursday, February 5, 2009

Firsts, Etc

Manila is kind of intense. The traffic seems to be consistently horrendous. Safety is a definite concern: did i lose my camera, or was it snatched? Not to mention muggings of family members, etc. But with so many people living under hard circumstances, none of this is unexpected.

Also, it's hot. Well, technically this is the cool season, but you'll still sweat through the night with no clothes or covers. Largely i dig the hot weather, even if the excessive air conditioning leaves me shivering.

Regardless it was great to go somewhere new for a while, and to hang out with family members so numerous i can't keep track.

Here's some stuff i did.

Saw wild dolphins, and i didn't like it. Too weird, since literally 15 big boats filled with people were all chasing the dolphins around from spot to spot.

Saw tarsiers, the world's smallest monkeys. they're about hte size of a frog. But didn't much like it since it was too weird that they were sitting there, not running away, while a busload of people all clamoured to take pictures for 10 minutes before hustling off to the next tour spot.

Swam in a volcano filled with aqua blue water.

Did a couple sessions of Muay Thai (thai kick boxing). i have trouble swinging my hips and shoulders when i kick.

Shot a semi-automatic hand gun. Why not? i'll doubtfully ever touch a real gun again in my life. Didn't much like it. Um, don't you know these things are dangerous?

And i had after unsuccessfully trying to invite my aunt and cousins out for my last night in Manila, i conceded to my cousin's enthusiastic idea to hit the peeler bar. Which wasn't quite what i expected. Kind of like a regular strip joint except for this one massive window to let you see a room crammed with 30 women, mostly young, sitting with numbers hanging around their necks. "Which one do you like?" my cousin asks. But seriously i can't handle it. So i say i don't need anyone, and wander off to watch a dancer on the stage. But a minute later a disturbingly young girl (#7, i think) takes my hand and leads me to a table in the front row, a server pours me a beer, and a man stands behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders and back.

My cousin is nowhere to be seen. #7 is sort of cuddly with me, but my attempts at conversation are stilted, largely 'cause she her English is very limited. Eventually we join my cousin in a private side room. He's getting cuddly with #27, and a man massaging his back. #27 is more saucy, and she rubbed my crotch a few times to assess the size of my cock.

Anyhow, nothing really happened. i wasn't at all up for a crazy night, and my cousin, wedding averted, said he's been good for too long to plunge bk down this pathway. Apparently he was trying to vicariously have some crazy experience through me, but i was mostly thinking about how to describe the night to a friend in BJ who i had a date with the next night, a girl who's too innocent for her own good.

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Degan said...

wow, you are having some adventures wil! awesome. :)