Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just Call Me Edison

A while ago, i met this this chinese photographer, who said he was interested to shoot me, and was i ok to pose nude. So of course, i was like, sure, no prob. He's already taken nude/semi nude pix of a couple friends of mine.

So then we met up today, along w/ our mutual friend to act as translator. And also another friend who it turns out had also agreed to do a photoshoot: a beautiful french woman with large breasts, incidentally.

Anyhow, we proceeded to do a photo session that lasted a full 3 hrs, and which ended up being way way way more provocative than anything i'd originally envisioned. It started out innocent enough working with the drapes, and getting tied up and stuff, working up to posed kissing, yoga poses, staged oral sex, taking a bath together, angry water fights, pissing, artificial semen, etc etc.

Didnt get a hard on at any point in time, which was down right professional of me, i think.

i kept checking in w/ the other model to make sure she was cool with things, which she was, if not always 100% enthused. Frankly i found most of it pretty hilarious (though the water fighting was pretty headachey), and was happy to throw in ideas about positions and camera angles, etc.

The photographer seemed overjoyed to have such cooperative models, and we all agreed that a lot of the shots turned out really cool.

However as soon as it was declared that we were done, it finally struck me that the possible ramifications of this event could revisit me at some inopportune time. And then i couldn't stop thinking about the 1984 Miss America who lost her title after her nude pix were discovered, and about the Edison Chen scandal, and let's certainly not forget about Paris Hilton.

Hey, what if i someday go into politics? or become a beloved tv persona? This shit could seriously sneak out of the past with a hard left uppercut. So anyhow, now i feel kinda weird about the whole thing. Is a teacher allowed to do tastful artistic nudes? Or what about shots that some people (and definitely the chinese govt) would consider to be poor no graphic? what do you think? i dunno. i'll have a private discussion about this with my boss tomorrow. Seriously.

anyhow, i should try not to lose any sleep about it at this point, since the dude will ask me and the woman for permission before posting anything onto that infernal world wide web, where images go out for public consumption, and then end up on people's hard drives never to be reclaimed again.

Anyhow, we'll see what ends up where later. Ask me later if anything went up, and maybe i'll tell you where they are. Then you can see what my dick looks like after two hours in a chilly apartment.

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