Friday, February 13, 2009

Kaboom Shaboom

i was frankly a bit disappointed that for two chinese new years, i've been in a city where it's not much celebrated. Celebrated yes, but not in its fun-powder fueled spirit. But after the fact, i was in BJ for the last day of the spring festival, which i gather is also a good time to let loose with the fireworks.

Here's a peek at my 1 hour bike ride home from downtown, which was pretty bloody fun. This DIY firecracker stuff shits on the Vancouver Symphony of Fire, in my opinion. Mind you, by the time i got home i just wanted to take cover. I was starting to get nervous about all the explosions that seemed to be unnecessarily close to my head.

Last year, in BJ alone, 434 fireworks-related injuries were reported, along with 1 fatality.

Also, the not yet even finished CCTV building caught fire that night. Actually it's 2 buildings and the smaller one went up in flames. Rumour has it there were fatalities. Hard to know since the govt is sensoring internet content about this. Not surprisingly, fire trucks had a terrible time getting there due to the ensuing traffic jam. Pretty crazy.

Of note: a lot of fireworks use gun powder bought on the black market, which is generally originates from military sources. Many are assembled by little kids in a shelter out in a a farmer field somewhere, away from the eyes of authorities. And we hope, open flame.

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Molly Leighton said...

I was in BJ for Chinese New Year and got no sleep the whole time because of all the firecraker madness! It is no surprise that there are so many injuries. Great video!