Monday, January 14, 2013

Curling and Wikipedia

Like a good Canadian boy, i've done a story about the sport of curling for CRI. And went out to the only professional center in the country. Which has only four sheets of ice. That was ok. i figured me and the intern would have a swing at it, but in the end, after some long interviews and picture takings, we just wanted to get back to the city. 

But today, i'm all pleased w/ myself 'cause i found time to contribute to Wikipedia's curling page, by mentioning comedic electro rockers LMFAO and their video which is a spoof on a curling match. Hell, that was glaring omission from the page!


Curling in popular culture

The 2002 Canadian film Men With Brooms, starring and directed by Paul Gross, centres on the sport of curling, telling the story of a curling team from a small Canadian town as they work through their respective life issues and struggle to win the championship for the sake of their late coach. The film grossed over $4.2 million, almost all of it in Canada, making it the top-grossing Canadian English-language film subsidized by Telefilm Canada between 1997 and 2002.
In 2010 electro band LMFAO released the video for their song Yes, which portrays a satirical curling match.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

AQI: Off the Charts. Again

Remember when "Crazy Bad" was what the US Embassy had dubbed Air Quality Index readings that went beyond the 500 upper limit? Shit, that seems like the good ol' days when, like today, the AQI flirts with readings of 700. Yuck. You can feel it in your throat. Don't hang out outside more than necessary. On the happy side, it doesn't smell as far as i can tell, and i didn't notice my eyes stinging and i didn't feel headachey. Which happens on rare occasions. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Next Thing

First, it was flossing.

Then it was blogging.

Then it was push ups.

Now, it's sitting.

My head's still a bit of a mess, but i recall that when i meditated at the Mount Emei temple last time, that i actually cleared a lot of shit out of my head that i'd been wanting to clear out for a long time. So now my goal is to sit 15 min + for every day this January. An ongoing effort to leave the past behind.

Maybe i can even find time to do a 1 day retreat in there somewhere.

i also got an email today about the 100 day challenge to sit for 5+ min. Dunno. I'll reassess when Feb rolls around.

There's a lot of stuff i want to do these days (in addition to continuing flossing and push ups).

Like a new painting, i got some ideas for.

Like learning how to use Premiere Pro (to make and edit vids).

Like finishing this one guitar song that's been halfway done for like a year.

Like freelancing some stories for Vice or Time Out.

Like completing 5 years of backlogged tax returns (yeah!).

Anyhow, feels good to be busy. And having a job which gives me enough time to have a life outside of it.

Pushing It Up

Like i said, 31 days of push ups. starting w/ a wimpy 20, and then smashing the 5-0 barrier in NYE climax.


Yup, that featherweight toothpick was me. Can you believe how skinny i was? Unbefuckinglieavable. No wonder the girls at work were picking on me.

But Not. Any. More. No. Way. Jo.Se. My own girlfriend doesn't even recognize me anymore. She's just like, "Wow, who's this musclebound meat head who's trying to crawl into bed with me???"