Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Next Thing

First, it was flossing.

Then it was blogging.

Then it was push ups.

Now, it's sitting.

My head's still a bit of a mess, but i recall that when i meditated at the Mount Emei temple last time, that i actually cleared a lot of shit out of my head that i'd been wanting to clear out for a long time. So now my goal is to sit 15 min + for every day this January. An ongoing effort to leave the past behind.

Maybe i can even find time to do a 1 day retreat in there somewhere.

i also got an email today about the 100 day challenge to sit for 5+ min. Dunno. I'll reassess when Feb rolls around.

There's a lot of stuff i want to do these days (in addition to continuing flossing and push ups).

Like a new painting, i got some ideas for.

Like learning how to use Premiere Pro (to make and edit vids).

Like finishing this one guitar song that's been halfway done for like a year.

Like freelancing some stories for Vice or Time Out.

Like completing 5 years of backlogged tax returns (yeah!).

Anyhow, feels good to be busy. And having a job which gives me enough time to have a life outside of it.

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