Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012 in BJ

Seeing as how it was Yoyo's 1st Halloween (more or less: she'd never worn a costume for the occasion) so i thought i ought drag her out. 

We (I) ended up deciding we should go to the Yen Fetish Party, purportedly one of BJ's biggest and craziest parties. I ended up creating my best halloween costume ever, the Robomney 3000. Part man, part machine, all politician. Not necessary calling candidates machines, but possibly critiquing the 2 party system. 'Cause if there were a THIRD party, that was exactly 1/2 way between Romney and Obama, Robamney 3000 would take the cake, and the presidency. 

Yoyo was a cat, after deciding that being an iPad would be way too much hassle. 

Anyhow, the party was definitely more fun that i'd expected. Tons of inebriated people. Tons of eye candy: (big crew of sexy (but bloodied up) nurses and doctors, star wars characters, plain ol' fetish garb, etc etc. Even the music was passable. 

But that was about all i could take.  Hung over the next morning i had to go out to the Hilton's Food & Wine show (for work). I barely even drank. Spat most of the alcohol into the spittoon buckets: kind of gross, kind of pretentious, the perfect balance.

Then me and Yoyo bailed on the subway party, the punk rock show, and the zombie run, opting instead to sleep like the world depended on it. 

Yoyo and some angry mofo.


Romney contemplates the spirit of Halloween.
Greedo and the babe from Jabba's party

Robomney 3000 dominated the dance floor

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Friend's birthday yesterday.
One of BJ's biggest parties of the year tonight.
Food & Wine tasting event at the Hilton tomorrow afternoon.
(that's for work, but i can still drink my face off, should i choose to do so)
Subway party: one loop on Line  2.
Possibly people over for drinks afterwards.
Or a Halloween punkrock show.
Then possibly some zombie run thing Sunday.

13:40 right now, and i can barely keep my eyes open.

also note: yesterday i bet 100 yuan that i'd get my picture published in a magazine or website after tonight's party. Def one of my best costumes ever:
The Robomney3000! Also Yoyo's 1st time dressing up for Halloween, so it should be fun...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

birthday shenanigans

I woke up. 
i did 38 push ups. 
Put on a tie and jacket
(for fun).
Jogged to the subway station.
Meditated for the whole trip
Sid my work at work reasonably diligently. 
Took a long lunch break to play chess w/ my colleague. 
Which we'd been planning for for months. 
it was an epic battle. 
i really wanted to win. 
But then the game was so fascinating
(power swaps,
blood baths)
that i stopped caring who'd win. 
Which is pbly why i squeaked a victory. 
Then i hurried home to cook Thai green curry. 
Before guests arrived. 
Veg potluck.
Maybe 15 friends.
Finished off all my Mongolian horse milk booze. 
played w/ the remote control helicopter. 
Ate a bit of carrot cake.
Went to bed.
i felt as if the universe was onside that day.
Yay 3-8.

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