Thursday, October 25, 2012


Friend's birthday yesterday.
One of BJ's biggest parties of the year tonight.
Food & Wine tasting event at the Hilton tomorrow afternoon.
(that's for work, but i can still drink my face off, should i choose to do so)
Subway party: one loop on Line  2.
Possibly people over for drinks afterwards.
Or a Halloween punkrock show.
Then possibly some zombie run thing Sunday.

13:40 right now, and i can barely keep my eyes open.

also note: yesterday i bet 100 yuan that i'd get my picture published in a magazine or website after tonight's party. Def one of my best costumes ever:
The Robomney3000! Also Yoyo's 1st time dressing up for Halloween, so it should be fun...

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Rowan Lipkovits said...

Too many Parties? Not a criticism I thought I'd ever hear of life in China!