Wednesday, October 17, 2012

birthday shenanigans

I woke up. 
i did 38 push ups. 
Put on a tie and jacket
(for fun).
Jogged to the subway station.
Meditated for the whole trip
Sid my work at work reasonably diligently. 
Took a long lunch break to play chess w/ my colleague. 
Which we'd been planning for for months. 
it was an epic battle. 
i really wanted to win. 
But then the game was so fascinating
(power swaps,
blood baths)
that i stopped caring who'd win. 
Which is pbly why i squeaked a victory. 
Then i hurried home to cook Thai green curry. 
Before guests arrived. 
Veg potluck.
Maybe 15 friends.
Finished off all my Mongolian horse milk booze. 
played w/ the remote control helicopter. 
Ate a bit of carrot cake.
Went to bed.
i felt as if the universe was onside that day.
Yay 3-8.

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