Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Quest to Tell the TRUTH

There was once a time when some bonehead (haha) in the Chinese media published a picture of Homer Simpson's brain, assuming the image was a medical reference. Because not all Chinese reporters are culturally savvy, or have journalistic integrity.

A couple times now i've caught CRI making similar mistakes. Like this article about how Qiang minority people have different skulls than today's modern skulls. But the texturing on the skull definitely looked odd. "Does this skull look weird to you?" I asked the web editor. "No," he answered.

But i pulled up a photo of Damian Hirst's rather acclaimed artwork, which is a platinum cast skull covered by £50m of diamonds. And bingo, that was the "skull" being used a medical reference.

Oh CRI, that's why i love working here so much!