Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Soon Is Now?

Since Q and I have started moving apart, 2-3 months ago, i've been experiencing a strange barrage of attention from the ladies. Pretty much unsolicited, and occasionally awkward. (Why couldn't this have happened when i was 19?)

Like one woman i spoke w/ at a friend's gf's bday party (spoke with for about 2 minutes) later requested my phone # from my friend, and then started sending me a string of texts, which i politely replied to. Then she was like, would you like to meet up on Thursday? Anyday is good for me, actually. 

so I was like, ok, fine, meet up on Thurs. She's actually very nice, but (as i suspected) we had virtually zero common ground. She thought i was a freak for being veg, and not using disposable chopsticks. She enjoys walking around the shopping mall. She likes 50 Cent and J. Bieber. Yadda yadda. I did my best to be polite, while trying not to impress. Luckily, it was pretty clear even to her that there was no chemistry happening. Whew!

Also a coworker seemed a bit into me, and the close physical proximity was making me feel pretty uncomfortable for a bit. 

A sort of crazy rock girl from a BJ's best livehouse gave major hints that she would fall asleep at the wheel one night. So i let her crash on the bed downstairs. Then she oddly hung out most of the next day while i did my errands. 

Also, i was invited to a singles party for Xinhua news and CRI media folk. Which could be interesting in that Hey-Let's-Try-Speed-Dating way, but i declined. 

My Vegging Out cohost Lucy (who's super cool, married, and not into me, ha) said, "sq, it's too soon for you to date anyone." And i sort of agree. 


i went to this party held by BJ's coolest record label, Modern Sky, and met this very friendly graphic designer there. Later, we had a bit of clumsy dialogue on Weibo (the Chinese version of Facebook/Twitter), and then met up for coffee last Sunday. 

She was really sweet. Her Eng is quite limited, so we required some iphone translation assistance now and again. But i certainly appreciated her patience. 

She's also the 1st person in China i've met who does volunteer work, helping out w/ an art class for underprivileged kids. 

She runs, and is even up for joining my group at 8:30 am this Saturday.

Anyhow, i'm hesitant to jump into things full throttle, although my libido isn't. For better or worse, i consider public opinion ("Oh look, William has a new gf already!"). Also, being in China, i've started wondering about the purpose of any relationship if it's not pointed towards marriage. Lame, i know. 

I was rather enjoying a bit of single time, but if you meet someone cool and have some connection, isn't it natural to see where it could go? 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marijuana: Straight Talk

Finally, some common sense straight talk about marijuana and the law! Gotta love it.

Vegging Out

A while ago, the travel editor suggested we do a video series about BJ's veg restaurants. i was like, "what a hassle. Why can't i just write articles as usual?"

But it's been  a super fun project. Great team of cohost Lucy Luan, producer, director, and camera operator(s). And another person or 2 to just hang out in the background.

Done 6 so far, and will do another 1 or 2. Beats just writing articles all the time. Plus we get to meet cooks, and they recommend meals, and prep special stuffs for us. We don't "review", but showcase. Can't complain. Just eat, smile, and try to crack a few jokes.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Stupid Air

When the air quality index is up to 239, it really hampers my training schedule. Drag, that.