Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Soon Is Now?

Since Q and I have started moving apart, 2-3 months ago, i've been experiencing a strange barrage of attention from the ladies. Pretty much unsolicited, and occasionally awkward. (Why couldn't this have happened when i was 19?)

Like one woman i spoke w/ at a friend's gf's bday party (spoke with for about 2 minutes) later requested my phone # from my friend, and then started sending me a string of texts, which i politely replied to. Then she was like, would you like to meet up on Thursday? Anyday is good for me, actually. 

so I was like, ok, fine, meet up on Thurs. She's actually very nice, but (as i suspected) we had virtually zero common ground. She thought i was a freak for being veg, and not using disposable chopsticks. She enjoys walking around the shopping mall. She likes 50 Cent and J. Bieber. Yadda yadda. I did my best to be polite, while trying not to impress. Luckily, it was pretty clear even to her that there was no chemistry happening. Whew!

Also a coworker seemed a bit into me, and the close physical proximity was making me feel pretty uncomfortable for a bit. 

A sort of crazy rock girl from a BJ's best livehouse gave major hints that she would fall asleep at the wheel one night. So i let her crash on the bed downstairs. Then she oddly hung out most of the next day while i did my errands. 

Also, i was invited to a singles party for Xinhua news and CRI media folk. Which could be interesting in that Hey-Let's-Try-Speed-Dating way, but i declined. 

My Vegging Out cohost Lucy (who's super cool, married, and not into me, ha) said, "sq, it's too soon for you to date anyone." And i sort of agree. 


i went to this party held by BJ's coolest record label, Modern Sky, and met this very friendly graphic designer there. Later, we had a bit of clumsy dialogue on Weibo (the Chinese version of Facebook/Twitter), and then met up for coffee last Sunday. 

She was really sweet. Her Eng is quite limited, so we required some iphone translation assistance now and again. But i certainly appreciated her patience. 

She's also the 1st person in China i've met who does volunteer work, helping out w/ an art class for underprivileged kids. 

She runs, and is even up for joining my group at 8:30 am this Saturday.

Anyhow, i'm hesitant to jump into things full throttle, although my libido isn't. For better or worse, i consider public opinion ("Oh look, William has a new gf already!"). Also, being in China, i've started wondering about the purpose of any relationship if it's not pointed towards marriage. Lame, i know. 

I was rather enjoying a bit of single time, but if you meet someone cool and have some connection, isn't it natural to see where it could go? 


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