Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things I Stole From Facebook

Well, although noone prompted me to do so, i thought the 25 Random Things About Me posts by people are occasionally pretty entertaining. So here's my shot. I am heavily tempted to post this on Facebook itself, but feel that there's too much ego complcations in doing so. Anyway, here's the list.

1.After a car crash I was in a coma for 4 days.
2.I have been loosely veg for 15 years, and should be better at explaining why by now.
3.Got 2nd place for eating 15.5 pieces of greasy Pizza Hut pizza in a horrible eating contest, and went veg directly afterwards.
4.Once lit a squirrel on fire.
5.As a child, I actually won piano competitions, despite my hatred for piano.
6.Came in last place in a mountain bike race
7.Can just barely hang out in China with people who don't speak English.
8.Once had the bad idea of becoming a model.
9.Changed my name to William because I thought “Willy Wang” was a good, healthy form of self-deprecation.
10.Won the karaoke contest, singing He-e-e-e-ey Good Lookin'.
11.Occasionally my memory is incredibly accurate, but it's usually substandard.
12.I hilariously ran for student council prez at Acadia University, and got the same percentage of the vote as Ralph Nader in his first candidacy.
13.My high school garage band got interviewed and the headline quoted me: “90% of All Music Is Crap.”
14.Spent 2 years trying to become an underground acclaimed space rock musician. Until I realized that I wasn't talented or dedicated enough.
15.Spent 2 years thinking my career would be a playwright. Until I realized that I wasn't talented or dedicated enough.
16.Hitchhiked alone from Seattle down to San Francisco and Santa Cruz.
17.Used to think that anyone who believed in religion, tarot cards, astrology, UFO's, or ghosts was an idiot.
18.The first music I ever bought was either a Corey Hart 45, or a Depeche Mode extended mix vinyl EP.
19.Used to have a habit of getting drunk and partying before running ½ marathons and triathlons the next morning.
20.Used to be a super-candied-out raver.
21.Saw the Dalai Lama in Paris, and frankly found it pretty boring.
22.Most people don't realize how anal retentive I am about environmentalism.
23.Once dropped out of a women's studies course 'cause I thought the teacher stunk, and 'cause I shouldn't stay in a women's studies course just 'cause I was sitting next to a cute girl.
24.I eat more than practically anyone I know.
25.Sometimes people think i'm modest, and then I can revel in how I duped 'em.


Molly Leighton said...

Love your list! I had forgotten some of those things and learned some new ones. You are, by far, one of the most unique people I know...or perhaps the strangest.

greensnake said...

Wil, you crack me up. Ego complications of posting on Facebook... you're awesome. I really miss chatting with you on gmail. Now that I am at the ashram I have to actually go to sleep at night instead! Keep postin!