Saturday, February 14, 2009

And A Happy Valentine's Day To You

i can't say i was particularly stoked for Valentine's Day, but i did end up on sort of a date, went to a a party-concert-sales-pitch thing which was horribly boring, went to a very mellow sort of a house party, and finally went to see a rockabilly band before dancing to house music.

Besides having a date (and we discussed the definition of "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", which is sort used the same way as in English, but not quite) i also met a girl who told me things like, "i'm a bad girl", "i don't like being lonely", "Do you think i'm an animal? My friends say i'm a fox," before showing me bikini-and-less-clad pictures of herself on her phone. Which were admittedly totally HOT. Such is life.

92% of all dialog this day was in mandarin. Which is pretty good, even if 92% of conversation consists of me saying "ting bu dong" [i don't understand what the hell you're saying], or discussion about how good my mandarin is, even though there's not really much question about how incredibly limited i am in all my communications.

Oh well. Workin' on it.

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