Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14:

After a number of parents sat in me and H's gr 1 classes, a letter came in today from the most irate parent from that hell meeting before. It said stuff like "the class is very greatful," "now we understand the immersion program," "we are very happy."

Followed by,"Still we have some suggestions" of course. Nonetheless, that's a huge departure from before.

Also, today was parent teacher interviews. Which stupidly enough are no longer "interviews". Instead i gave 5 minute speeches to 4 groups of parents. Then i politely excused myself, since everything was behind schedule as always.

Then i had a few parents who tracked me down afterwards. One of whom was the last parent i wanted to see who hounded me last year about her son who doesn't exactly excel in my classes. But this time she invited me for dinner because now he's balanced by her keener daughter who is now acing my gr 7 class. That's nice, but i politely declined saying i was busy or something. 'Cause it's no fun when you can't rock out and get drunk 'cause you need to be "respectable."

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