Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day 27: Bombay Bombings

Wow, how weird and saddening to read about the Bombay attacks. And to see the pictures. 'Cause i slept on the floor of that train station once. And i stayed in a grimey hostel, just a 1 minute walk away from the luxury Taj Mahal hotel. i went in there a couple times.

The Taj has security x-rays outside of it, sorta like the BJ subways do. As with the BJ subways, i thought it was totally unnecessary and rather paranoid.

Mostly i still feel that way. I mean if anyone really wants to sneak a gun or bawm past some minimum wage "security guards", it really would't be hard. At all.

i dunno. Security is surely the last defence in a struggle, the likes of which i know nothing about.

Hope everyone is doing ok everywhere. While over here i bitch and moan about too much work, and lack of motivation to exercise and stuff.

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