Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 17: Recap

Had a busy wkend. It was pretty good. Me and my bro went to see a friend's band but they played earlier than expected so we missed them. But then we went to a pizza joint, and hung out w/ a crew of musicians and photographers, a couple of whom spoke pretty decent english and that was fun.

Also went for a family dinner and afterwards went to an outrageously expensive hotel bar afterwards. Any joint charging $10 for pop in China is uncalled for, in my books. My cousin (so i hear) likes to show off. But he's a good talker, and it was interesting to talk w/ his 8 yr old son, who is a great talker, though he really doesn't know limits.

Today was bk to school, and yet again i wish i was more enthused. The kids deserve more.

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