Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 11: No Time to Think

After posting about my absentmindedness a couple friends told me that technologyis hte anwer, so maybe i should send myself more emailo reminders or get a palm pilotl But thatwano't stop me form forgetting my bank card in the machine, will it. ? Which ahppened last wk. And taht can be potnetially catastrogphic if someone should come along after my pin ins still entered, and empty my acct. Thankfuly, everything was fine.

Today i taught a grade 8 calss teh word "groovy".

Stressed abhout rereport cards dued tomorrow.

And it's my parents are leaving tomorrow a,d it's toob ad i'm stressed and too busy w/ other shit to spend time w/ them more.

not sleepitnc much.

i shuold have a shower. i'm dirty.

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