Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 6: Under Scrutiny

Today i had a 3rd parent sit in to observe my science class. that was ok. Class was good. And he did admit that he was a bit baffled by all the English he was hearing that he couldn't follow. (But the kids clearly knew what time it was.)

I was a bit disappointed that he split at the 1/2 way point, since  i wanted him to see us do some drawing and colouring.  Because the parents have claimed that the colouring and art is a waste of learning time. And today, some kids' parts of the plant sketches were pretty purdy.

Anyhow, i refrain from sounding glib 'cause i know this episode isn't exactly over. More parent visitations are upcoming. And parent-teacher interviews next wk could be a pain in the arse too. At the very least, it all makes for more long hours, and less time we can devote to making 1/2 decent lessons. Such is life. 

Oh. Also, it's too bad 'cause i haven't had much time to spend w/ my parents. Oh well. 

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