Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Day 5: The Answer...

Heza and i were feeling rather embittered after a painfully painful TWO HOUR meeting w/ 3 irate gr 1 parents who had decided that their children were learning nothing in our classes.

There was a 3 page letter outlining all the shortcomings of our classes.

There was a letter they had circulated to all the parents of our students, outlining said deficiencies.

There were threats about all students being unenrolled, as all the student's parents were being organized by parent X.

There were complaints about how hard it was to meet us or to see our classes.
And we only learned of this last wk for the 1st time.

"Well why don't you come sit on a class or 2 and see what you think?" we asked. They said ok, and then continued to go on and on and on, insistent on venting their stress and anger.

"Ok, I hear you. But that's not how i see the class. Why don't you come in? Tomorrow is good. Then we can talk about it more."
They said ok, but couldn't rid themselves of the compulsion to complain about how bad our classes were, and how immersion is not a good way to learn language, yadda yadda.

So 2 parents came in to my class today and sat in the back. The class wasn't stellar, but it was pretty good. Seriously, it's SO OBVIOUS that the kids are learning all sorts of intricacies of English grammar and new vocabulary about anything and everything, curriculum and beyond.

It's SO OBVIOUS that the kids' reading level is impressive. Almost at Canadian standards.

So they seemed somewhat pacified that they could hear my wonderfully accessible English accent, and see the students engaged and participating, each demonstrating speaking and listening skills. "i can see it's a very attractive class for the children to be in," went the translation of both visting parents.

Anyhow, i doubt the issue is over. It still pisses me off that all this shit went down w/out anyone actually contacting H or i.

Tomorrow my class will play host to a parent again, which is fine. i just teach my Sci class as per normal.

i know i'm bitter about the whole thing, but i don't want to be. Just writing this blog puts a sick knot in my stomach. For sure these parents are forking out big money for this school and want the best for their only child. But Jesus, can't you show a bit more tact in dealing with your concerns?

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Molly Leighton said...

I went through this too when I was in in Korea. All of the parents in the class ganged up on me and the school was of little help. They want to keep the parents happy as they are paying all of that money for a private school. Everything is kept hush hush until it blows up because Asians don't like to lose face or have confrontation...but holy hell when the do start the confrontation. Not so good. Just hang in there. It will blow over. xo