Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 24: Cycling, Recycling

Yesterday, me and my broher rode further out from the city, and explored some recycling communities. They're pretty third world. In one of them, some cranky ol' guy started yammering away at us, and told us that we couldn't take pictures. He was pretty insistent. So ok fine, we stopped. Then him and the small group of people who'd gathered in the meantime asked us some questions. Then he invited us into his office.

He poured us tea and gave us cigarettes. i thought it wise to briefly ecuse myself to lock up the bikes, but he stepped in and yelled at some people to keep an eye them instead. Then we had some broken conversation, the gaps of which were all filled by an unidentified electrical hum.

It was pretty cool, but also rather awkward i felt. So no, no more tea, and no thanks, no more cigarettes, 'cause uh we should go. But hey thanks!

After that he let us take pictures.

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Molly Leighton said...

How very strange! I was teaching today and one of the things that was left for me to do with the kids was to watch three videos on the CBC that were all about Canada and the USA sending e-waste to China and Africa. They showed the whole process of breaking them down, noxious chemicals and all. One of the villages that was mentioned was outside of Beijing and sure enought, noone wanted to be filmed because it is illegal and very dangerous for everyone's health. The river was disgusting and polluted.

There is the link to the shows. Hopefully you can get to them.

Some planets are aligning somewhere, somehow because there is a lot of connectedness happening all around me...weird.