Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nov 30: My Friend The End

1. For last Thurs and Fri i threw together a couple lessons on Buy Nothing Day. Glad i did. i never even told kids not to buy stuff. i just wanted an excuse to talk about an anticonsumerism. Aferwards some kids wrote stuff like, "i used to think buying things was good, but now i know that it's bad and it hurts the environment." A few kids didn't quite get it, and instead wrote about how much they like fashionable modern Nike shoes. What can you do.

2. Another busy weekend, and not getting enough sleep in the good way.

3. Hey, thanks for reading me this November. i admit i posted late a few times, but frankly i don't care about that at all. It's a question of quality over punctuality, duh.

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Reebs said...

I loved Napalbolbomom this year. Thanks for posting so much, I love reading about what you're up to.