Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day 26: "Schooled"

i broke up a fist fight the other day. Well, actually i don't know if one kid getting pummeled while 15 other kids crowd aroundqualifies as a "fight".

It was in the Chinese part of the school, so it's out of my jurisdiction. in fact, the fight was on the other side of glass doors which were lamely tied shut from the other side. So that kinda slows down yr ability to keep fists off of faces. A student had to untie it before i could exert my authority.

So after a few minutes i was able to get the 2 parties together in front of their home room teacher (the agressor's hand was dripping blood. Very dramatic!). The teacher seemed embarassingly unconcerned and basically said Thanks, you can go now.

Um, well don't you want to hear what happened? i got someone to translate a bit for her, and then i left.

i felt like the blood had been swept under the carpet before i'd even gotten around the corner.

Aside: i really didn't have much compassion for the aggressor, even if he was (in buddist terms) hurting himself first and foremost. i'm just not there yet.

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