Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 1: Chinese Halloween

There's not much Halloween in China to speak of unless you're going to expat parties. 

Well, in Mr Wang's class you can watch Simpsons Halloween episodes, and that's ok. 

And recently my bro asked me if i would dress up like a ghost and walk around an under-construction deserted chinese temple we found. For him to film. So i said sure, but we should pbly do it on Halloween. Seemed appropriate, no?

Anyhow, that's what we did lat night, w/ his gf in tow. We all agreed that the place was way less creepy w/ more of us in the group, but his gf still was a bit spooked and not at all hesitant to split after we'd got some footage. 

1 comment:

ljskipper said...

wish i was there,
i would have made sound effects
cough cough
went to fright nights last week. can hear the screaming from my bedroom. roller coaster high pitched screams. i needed a throat lozenger afterwards, the flask of tequila did the trick though.