Monday, October 20, 2008

Token Social Scene

Just to keep people informed on my life in times when i don't feel particularly inspired to write, here's all the action that's been going dn between me and society.

i went to the 798 art district and met a woman from Montreal at some headachey electronic soundscape music show held in some little artsy music store. i crushed on her for a bit until i found out she has a bf. But that's ok. She's uber cool, and i've crushed on most of my female friends when i 1st met them. i mean, why wouldn't i? Anyhow, it's cool to just hang w/ her, and she and H are sorta friends too now. 

Also, i placed an ad on a BJ site looking for friends. 1st some Australian born chinese woman replied, and it seemed completely obvious from 2 emails that she wasn't interested in any of the things i'd listed in my ad.

Someone else answered my ad, and we had some online chats. After a few days of that i asked "are you a man or a woman?" Woman, it turned out. Then we eventually arranged a meeting. then she asked how old i was. Then i got worried that she might be some 19 yr old, but she turned out to be 30, which is a fine #, i think. Then i wondered, hm i wonder what this woman will look like? Appropriately enough she turned out to be 100% gorgeous.

Anyhow we met up and had a great connection that night and got kinda tipsy and went dancing at a hiphop club which was packed w/ grinding college kids. Anyhow that was great and all, but now i typically think about where things might go from here, but we're both super busy, so it's bn hard to meet up a 2nd time. That's a drag, and it gives me too many opportunities to obsess about things, which i'm trying not to do. BTW, she's chinese and her Eng is pretty good, but not really good, so she talks to me a lot in Mandarin, which is really cool, even if truly 85% of it goes over my head. 

Also a political hipster-y photograper from the Ukraine also dropped me a line, and he sounds pretty keen to meet up when we both have some time later on.  

Also, my bro is in town now for a couple months, so i can have a partner in crime for a while. We'll dig up some stuff to do, no doubt. Hell, just walking around my own neighbourhood is totally entertaining for him, and i get my kicks too. 

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zidla said...

Hey, good play on words:) Did Derrick arrive? Say Hi from me.