Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 - Meditation Day three

The last 2 wks i meditated w/ a few friends here at my apt. It was good. Today two of the guys are off doing a musical festival in Hangzhou. So i'll just go on solo, or maybe in the company of my bro.

These few brief sessions are the most regular practice i've had in a long long time, so i think it's good. even if it's just a half hour, it's loosely scheduled, and i want more routine in my life.

Routine? That sounds kind of old-man-ish, and frankly lame, but in fact i'm quite happy that after years of being off the daily tooth flossing routine, i've gotten back on track w/ that.

Also for 3 wkends in a row now i've had a wkend run. Even if my run turns more into a leisurely shopping session at the ragtag outdoor market that gets thrown down onto blankets and dirt.

So i questioned myself, "Um, how is this supposed to qualify as exercise?"

"Who cares, this is rad!"

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