Thursday, November 11, 2010

11 - Tick tick tick

Broken record.
Would appreciate more time.
Consistently work 10 hrs/day, today more.
Such is my life as a teacher w/ 3 new classes, and daily building materials and resources on top of marking.

Do appreciate my hours off, and could do a lot more w/ them if it wasn't for the necessities like eating, bathing, and sleeping.

Thank god for cheap-o restaurants.
How the hell do people plan and cook meals on top of this?

Next year i could exploit the resources i'm making now.
But that would mean returning to the same school.
And i'd already decided last year that this would be my last year with this less than ideal employer.
But then again, my principal and staff are great.
Can't complain 'bout them kids either.
And living downtown is much nicer than the 'burbs.
Even if it's a big financial hit to move out here.
And annoyingly i'm already at the top of the pay scale.
The not so high top.

Well, money ain't everything.
As i'm financially stable enough to have the luxury to say that.
Lucky for me.

But i would like more time.
To finish my painting.
Start a band.
Run more.
Cook more.
And actually do the stuff that living dntn should enable me to do.

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