Sunday, November 28, 2010

26 - smoldering

Last spring I was smoking more cigarettes than usual, mostly 'cause it was easy whenever Q was having one.

Summer i smoked a lot of greens, mostly 'cause I was i was happy to exploit the fact that it was easy to.

Then i had my 1 month of pure sobriety, and have had substance use at (imo) perfectly reasonable rates of usage ever since.

A pack of smokes lasts more than a month. Greens maybe a couple times a month. Drinking now and again, though definitely not much lately since i've bn sick.

that said, i had # of beverages last night, topped off w/ a hit of Absinthe, (burns in yr ears, that shit!) and felt pretty decent this morning. Largely, i think it was good to head out w/ my coworkers, Q and big bro for a rare night out. Haven't puked for a long time. Oops, no there was that one time, but it was a really tiny puke, so i'd hardly say it counts.

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