Thursday, November 25, 2010

25 - Blow Up In My Face

How the hell is a guy supposed to have fun w/ all the stress that comes from work?

One kid acting up as of late, apparently distressing other students by his disrespectful interactions w/ yours truly. He and principal duke it out, and he refuses to believe that the class isn't all on his side, thus the principal comes into class to ask all students to write on a slip of paper what they feel about his behaviour. (His request, as stated). In retrospect, i'd have preferred to have stated that was inappropriate to ask students to choose sides, and the results of such a survey (anonymous, but not in fact to be made available to said boy's eyes) are practically speaking, ineffectual.

I plan to play a game tomorrow with the intention of having students do some group building, and spread a little love around again. Sheesh.

Add to that, the vocabulary list from the low group's sex ed class made girl X so uncomfortable that she showed one of her Chinese teachers who showed it to my principal, who did find it to be ... unnecessarily hardcore.

Penis, vagina, masturbation, oral sex, HIV, AIDS, condom, semen.

No diagrams, though that obviously would have been the easiest way to get the pt across.

I'm pretty sure girl X was the one who kept seething, "Gross!" when explained oral sex or such. "Oral sex is when someone uses the mouth on the penis or vagina," I boldly proclaimed.

Note to self, and all other interested parties: sex is not a topic covered in Chinese schools, nor is that seen as a fault.

So even I started squirming a bit, thinking about Chinese school administration or parental reactions...

My principal even asked me if i really need to finish my last sex ed session tomorrow. I said, yes, I have to. Because tomorrow is when I will answer the questions which were all put into the Question Box i passed around today.

Sample questions:
"How do gay have sex?" (Great, now i have to add "anus" to the vocab list).
"Can eat semen unhealthy?"
"How old is sex good?"
"I dream sex everytime. Healthy or no?"
"When is vagina good sex?" (i think this means when is a girl's vagina ready for intercourse).
"How to control sex?" (control sex drive? Pbly. But i'll seize the opportunity to tell dudes that women need more time.)
"What is SM?" (pbly a joke, but i'm happy to discuss it).
"What is too much masturbation? Unhealthy?"
"Why is semen smell bad?" Try less meat, more pineapple juice. Or see a doctor.

So generally, the questions seem super sincere, and there's no way these questions should go unanswered. Also, i was thankful to have proof that the vocab is necessary to talk about these things.

So we'll tie that up tomorrow, and let anyone who doesn't wanna stick around opt out and do puzzles/review. I do give myself a hard time for being out of touch w/ the fact that i'm not in North America, a place where sex ed also causes drama in class and staff rooms.

Well that's all good and fun to write about, but seriously, i can't handle this many headaches in one day.


Reebs said...

You seemed to have referred to this, but just in case you didn't see it, this is what happened this year in Ontario.

Keep up the good fight. Those questions from your students made me a bit sad that you are perhaps the only adult willing to answer these questions for them, and even you are getting flack for it.

blah said...

It must be hard for you as a teacher but I have had similar experience regarding sex ed (i.e, silence) from everyone. The kids may not appreciate it now and may be uncomfortable but I would like to think that you are cultivating some important questions and ideas of openness. Why the fuck do parents pay this kind of money if not for something different? Anyways, your job sounds hard- and every teacher I talk to seems to share your experience - at least the good ones! so one for will!! Lenka

statusq said...

Yo, big thanks for the support on this. I answered the questions today, and all students were attentive and telling each other to shut up. One kid even clapped at the end. The uncomfortable girl stayed too, and seemed much better than yesterday.

After i gave everyone a candy to say thanks for being so understanding w/ everything.

Hopefully beyond class time things were caj as well.

Tara MacKeigan said...

This warms my heart... not in a ewww gross way but in a... wow, my friends are amazing way. Way to go wiL!