Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 - blah

Low energy day. Kinda grumpy. Not even the joy of getting two kids suspended for smoking cheered me up. And they deserved it after being caught once, received the official warning, and then had numerous occasions where they escaped being caught by a mere second or two (ie. Cig in hand and lighter poised when Mr W strolled in).

Anyhow, yesterday in explanation of my mood, Q postulated that women have periods, but men also get them (minus the ovum-derived blood).

Maybe. I have felt kinda off for a couple days for no real reason.

Will shower, meditate a few minutes and go to sleep early methinks.

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Shiraz said...

men definitely are affected by the moon cycle too. i would surmise *as* significantly as women, only due to a different psycho-bio constitution are much less sensitive to it.