Monday, November 15, 2010

15 - $$$

People who know me may know that i've been raised with enough of a silver spoon in my mouth to feel no particular fondness for money. Quite the blessing for which i thank my parents, and the oil and gas industry which largely contributed to my upbringing.

Also, i've had the good fortune of attending university when it was much more affordable than present times, and was able squeak past my graduation without debt, also thanks to sizable contributions from my parents.

So now, on top of personal indulgences i hope to spread a bit of cash around in a way which spreads its benefits beyond myself. but unfortunately i'm kind of a lazy mofo.

I had big aspirations to invest in some green industries this summer, but that was months ago, and i haven't really got that on the go for no real reason except for procrastination. And occasional internet issues.

I've also gotten into Wokai, a micro-loaning thing. It's like Kiva, but based in China, sending people who need money money, and then they pay it back if and when they can. So it's like doing business with them, but not offering charity. Although there's no profit to be had on this end.

And a few of my loans have been paid back, but then i get lazy and don't redistribute to new folks. Picking and choosing is a bit of a ridiculous game. All the write-ups look like they've been edited by the same person, and all sound pretty sincere. so i tend to loan to farmers instead of people selling cheap plastic toys or shoes.

Good news: in the process of writing this blog, i redistrbuted my paid bk loans, and even tried to figure out some investing stuff (cut couldn't due to internet issues. For reals).

Anyhow. Sometimes i worry that i don't have any long term $ or career goals or plans. Well, i did take off my wallet chain anyhow, so maybe that's a step out of the teen years at least.

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