Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 - It's the Bomb!

i never mentioned on this blog that a couple wks ago or so there was a bomb that went off maybe 500m away from my apt. Buildings shook, people's ear drums were rang and there was general local confusion. I was nowhere nearby the explosion. Apparently just one foreigner was injured, not seriously.

i was kinda surprised i even caught wind of it, considering that i'm not very exposed to local news. Later i read that the police arrested somebody for it. No word on how they found him, or what it was about.

End of story. Curiously enough.

Anyhow, this tidbit of knowledge seems downright incongruous with my experience and feeling of living in Beijing. Doesn't change my outlook one bit.

Although it's pbly a good thing that i picked up that heavy duty helmet the other day.

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