Monday, November 22, 2010

22 - Nothing Witty Today

But nonetheless interesting to say that the pooch is unspayed, and all dogs are annoyingly into humping her and licking her snatch. She even left menstrual blood on the couch, or dripped it onto the floor whereupon she would generally lick it up afterwards. Thoughtful, indeed.

Rumour is she'll go bk to her owner before long, which i have mixed feelings about. She really is a sweet dog, and the little bit of attention she gets here is likely much better than what she gets at home.

Also, I'm too tired, esp after working too much OT, and having little to show for it. I wish i could get more planned out, or maybe just have an easier profession.

Happy to have a cup of ginger tea and an early bedtime tonight! Old man, i am.

Oh, but i'll update the post below w/ a pic of Top, the very sweet and somewhat overpriced dog.

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