Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23 - Hump Attack

Might i mention that it's a slight hassle taking care of an unspayed female pooch. 'Cause every dog male, and even female is driven to check out her genitals. I don't know why i find myself surprised to find animals acting like animals, but seriously a lot of these dogs Just. Won't. Give. Up.

They mount her from behind.

They mount her from the front.

You pick her up.

They jump towards her.

One humped my leg.

So you try and run away from the other dogs.

But sometimes they just follow you.

Owners truly nowhere in sight.

One big black punk followed her home.

All the way up 6 flights of stairs.

So like any dog she loves getting out of the apartment, and it's lovely to see her have fun...

But also having the responsibility to protect her from gang rape is potentially a bit stressy.

Other than that, i'm a bit sick. More rest? Yes please.

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