Saturday, June 7, 2008

What the Fengtai is Happening to this Place?

i found out that i was misreported something in my last post. In fact the new mall that they're developing just 10 min away from my 'hood will be the biggest shopping centre in all of Beijing. This, in a city where the malls are colossal to start with. I mean since when is 6+ stories of retailers normal?

So that, and the incoming subway indicates big changes for the Fengtai district.

Ok, change happens. While i'm not complaining, i would like to note what makes life way out at the 4th Ring Road "charming", if you will. Here's a short list.

  1. People here sell you stuff without trying to rip you off, or even haggling
  2. Looking for an expensive restaurant? Good luck.
  3. A short bike ride will get you out to farmer fields
  4. Horses in the streets pulling fruit and vegetables
  5. You can still catch sight of chickens running in the streets

And in the interests of objectivity, here's what's not so good about Fengtai.
  1. Not much international flavour around here. Except for KFC and MacDonalds.
  2. Zero entertainment, except for karaoke i guess
  3. Heza always noted as the one laowai in the crowd
  4. Out here, the pollution ain't any betta
In case you didn't knowL: i like Fengtai. It's kinda like the Surrey of Beijing, but when you're here you can't fool yourself into forgetting that you're living in China.

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