Wednesday, June 25, 2008

And the Drums the Drums the Drums

Last Saturday i headed out to see NYC's Larry Tee playing at a restaurant/club here in BJ. I admit i never heard of the dude before i read that he was coming, but he's the dude who helped launch acts like Peaches, Fischer Spooner, the Scissor Sisters... um, even Ru Paul is on his roster. Apparently he coined the word "electroclash" for the genre of grungy electro dance music which is one of the few brands of dance music i can still dig.

H wasn't up for a night out so i headed out solo. I was also pretty stoked that it was in a joint which we'd read about called Song, designed by some famous Japanese architect, and the place is very slick yet warm.

I thought the place could also likely be pretentious, but then again: how pretentious could it be if
they playing a music genre which practically expects people to wear ripped t-shirts and pantyhose?

Anyhow, it was a pretty hot show, even if the moderate dance floor was only moderately packed. Mr Tee played a killer couple of remixes/mash ups of the Ting Tings which had H almost regretting that she stayed in.

Ok, BJ isn't always 100% on it, but if they can pull in the occasional noteworthy electroclash artists, it could do worse!

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