Sunday, June 1, 2008

Indian Summer

Oops, i forgot to mention my itinerary earlier, but here it is, for those interested.

July 7 - train to HK, then flight to Mumbai.

Relinquish the reins in India for a while and see what comes my way. i was hoping to get into a Vipassana course at the big bongo Dhamma Giri centre, but since i'm still waiting to hear bk from them, i'm not so optimisitic. Maybe i'll visit holy man Sathya Sai Baba again.

Then bk to BJ for Aug 14. Meet up w/ my sweet gf.

Then off we go bk thru HK en route to Taipei for a bit of beach and sun for 10 days before school kicks in again.

"Shit, what's with all the flying, statusq?"
what, y'think i wanna do all this flying? i was prepared to spend a wk on the train to get to India, but i read some travel sites, and one actually said "do not do it." (quotes mine). Border and visa issues in eastern China i guess. So instead i paid some extra for carbon offsets.

Also, i would've been happy to have stayed in BJ and taken mandarin classes and done some volunteer work all summer. Until i remembered that i have to get the hell out of town before the Olympics hit town. Stupid Olympics!

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