Friday, June 20, 2008

Recent Omissions

Don't know why, but even though things are sorta happening, i haven't felt much compulsion to write lately.

But just for you hardcores, here's a few udpates.

H and i got caught in a torrential downpour, huddled under a tiny awning, smoking a cigarette. Then we made a 200 m dash to a very chic fusion restaurant where we had a lovely dinner after i wrung out my shirt in the toilet.

We went off for a wkend retreat at Mountain Yoga, which we'd read about in a couple mags. i thought it would be kinda commercial but so so wasn't. For the 2nd day we were the only ones there. We did yoga, hiked, did tai chi and calligraphy, and missed scheduled activities due to excessive napping.

School is heading into its last wk. A bunch of work to do this wkend for report cards, but nxt wk should be pretty caj. Prepping some songs and props for the awards ceremony, watching movies and playing some games.

My small class of Int'l boys will play a Green Day song at the ceremony. Yesterday we got the keyboard hooked up to play bass, and it sounded super phat. I've got them jumping around a bit, and when the singer thrusts his fist up in the air when he sings, it looks pretty awesome. i think we can rock the house nxt Fri.

A coworker asked me if i'm busy prepping for India. "India? Um, i don't have any time to think about India, i'm so busy w/ school stuffs." But maybe soon i'll look into it more. Because i haven't had time to pick up an India guide book, i think i'll try to do India w/out one. Keep me on my toes.

In contrast w/ H: she's been counting dn for almost a month now, which i don't think has helped her patience much.

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