Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Walk This Lonely Road

So close, so close. Friday was the end of yr awards ceremony for students, which i helped organize. It was kind of a pain in the arse, but it went off well in the end.

I had my gr 1's and gr 7's sing a choreographed Hello Goodbye together, which was very cute. My other gr7 class sang Leaving on a Jetplane w/ a bunch of props which was reasonably cute. And also my int'l gr7 class played Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams, which consensus says was quite entertaining.i'd spent the last few wks having the boys work on the song, and on their "rockandrollmanship" where they had to jump up and dn, throw their hair around, pump fists in the air, and do the spread legs guitar stance. Oh for sure, it was all cheezy rock cliche, but who the hell cares when it's only about entertainment, plus yr in gr7, and playing for Chinese parents who can't be expected to be rock and roll connoisseurs. Anyhow, those boys were pretty rad, and i'd say they rocked the house.

Now i've just got one morning left to teach. So, some games, skip to the action scenes to finish Of Mice and Men, do some colouring, and then it's vacationsville.

More on that soon.

BTW, the blog title is from that Green Day song. A song which i admit i'd never heard of 'til my kids said they wanted to play it. It's not bad!

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