Friday, December 18, 2009

Japan transportation woes

Originally i wanted to go to Japan for Spring Festival. Then i got invited to Q's hometown. But then she determined that she only gets a wk off for break (vs my 4 wks) so she figures i might as well exploit Japan.

So i will. Egged on by newly disclosed details about bizarre sleeping arrangements in her parents household.

Anyhow. So i chked on flights and found something that looked reasonable, and convenient.

the next day, i was talking w/ my chinese coworker about it, and about how i usually try to avoid flying because of carbon emissions. She translated this for a handful of people, and they all started laughing, which rather disheartened me.

Then to try and explain why it's a problem i did a slight bit of websurfing and sent her this ad.

Later i explainer to her what it was about/meant. i commented," maybe i'm worse than most people 'cause i know it's bad, but i still fly sometimes."

And then lying in bed last night at 3am, i decided to cancel my plane ticket in exchange for a train and a ferry to Japan. A 4 wk holiday affords me the luxury of time to kill, thankfully. And frankly, 4 wks even in the cheapest of Japanese hostels adds up to a considerable sum.

Otherwise, the switch from skies to waters isn't really saving tons of money, but the boat trip will pbly be nice anyhow.

My apologies to the fish dealing w/ the effluents and sewage.

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