Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Copin' Hagen

Um, i feel like the best you can do is believe what you read. And i read a lot of different things. Pros. Cons. China fucked it up. The USA was no action. Copenhagen screwed everything up beforehand in how it set up meetings.

And at least a few articles saying, huge steps taken none the less.

My own moods swayed considerably depending on whatever article i fell into. i too am disappointed. i too had hoped for much more.

i felt a bit pissed off at living in the very country who had held things back considerably. i feel angry at China and any other country who (understandably) puts the welfare of its own people above that of humanity and every bloody living creature on the bloody planet.

i also feel pissed off that it's no coincidence that China hasn't got much internal pressure to push hard for enviro safeguarding. That is to say, the public consciousness of the issues at hand aren't well understood by the general population. Because... the media here is worse than it is back home.

And people who don't know much about China or global enviro issues definitely don't know about some distant faraway city called Copenhagen. Funny that. 'Cause China generally likes to boast about how important and international it is, but when Premier Wen Jiabao goes to Copenhagen, it's not hyped much. Ok, it's not hidden from the news, but you can't expect the People's Daily to say ANYTHING negative about China, just like you can't expect The Province to say anything bad about logging or whatever.

Anyhow, so people say we have made progress, but we have a long way to go still. Others were saying that Copenhagen was now or never. Unfortunately we'll have to wait until climate change gets so ugly that we're forced into our next international summit.

When it happens, i imagine i'll just keep my fingers crossed and tend my compost.

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