Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Death Penalties

Well, the Briton got it.
Caught smuggling 4kg of heroin into China, the reported mentally ill man got a lethal injection.

China executed 1,718 people in 2008, according to Amnesty International
Last year 72% of the world's total executions took place in China, the charity estimates
It applies to 60 offences, including non-violent crimes such as tax fraud and embezzlement
Those sentenced to death are usually shot, but some provinces are introducing lethal injections

China defended itself stating, "The amount of heroin he brought into China was 4,030g, enough to cause 26,800 deaths, threatening numerous families."

Maybe they had a point in that noone was able to show them any medical record of his condition, but they never assessed him either.

I'm not one for the death penalty myself, but at least i think China's more efficient at it, which should be a relief for tax-payers.

Sad for the man and his family anyhow.

Everything cited from bbc.com

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