Monday, December 7, 2009

The Gossip

So when you plop a handful of kookie teachers into a city suburb where they can't socialize very well outside of their circle, and take into acct that most of them are in their 20's and a generally good looking bunch of young men and women... then stuff happens.

Which is to say that they meet other people outside of the circle and stuff happens. And stuff happens inside of the circle and stuff happens. And the truthiness of things told is occasionally suspect, regarding different issues of interest to all of us professionally (really) and otherwise.

Anyhow, i'm far from "in the loop."
But one person does pass on info to me now and again.
To which i generally respond, "i don't know if i should know about that."
In many ways i wish i didn't know, as it changes my perceptions of people/person who, via my own experience, i have no opinion.
So i wonder if that stuff changes my dynamic w/ said person/people. Dunno.

i admit some of the info is stupendously entertaining and fascinating. As i understand it: there was a "leak". Somebody told somebody a secret, but the burden of the secret was too great to bear for said individual. It kinda puts a spin on things where the secret teller was the victim, not the guilty party.

i usually lend my ears after hearing something like,"s/he never told me it was a secret," or, "it doesn't matter if you hear it or not."

Which may or may not be true.


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