Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'll Block You, Mo Fo

I can be sneaky to get past the fact that Bloggr's been blockered. But all this web lockdown is a drag for sure. Ok, i held my tongue when they blocked Youtube months ago, 'cause it's not that big a deal if i can't find edu resource film clips for my students, or to show them Sim City animations of the Beatles singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand.

But that kinda pissed me off when Flickr access dieappeared. An then i read that some blogger said that Twitter could be blocked because of [insert techie reason here], and then like the next day it was done.

Then they block HOTMAIL? Thank god i don't use it, but hell, that's pretty fucking lame. That's gotta be messing up all sorts of people. Like even important Chinese business people. And other folk who couldn't kick the MS habit.

Hopefully after the Tian a Men birthday party restrictions will be eased.

1 comment:

Shiraz said...

william -- just subscribed to your blog on my browswer home page so you'll be hearing more from me...

just so you know, i'm not sure how up the ch. guv is on tha shit but proxy servers bypass firewalls.