Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Um, sorry i kinda forgot about blogging for a while. Mostly i'll just say i've been busy and haven't been home much on the weekend. Mostly i've been hanging out a lot with QQ, who i guess is my girlfriend. Hm. Feels funny saying that, but i think it describes the relationship.

The relationship which is great in many ways, though a bit odd in others.

In a nutshell:
we get on great.
We seem to be able to dialogue pretty decently, and her English is better than she lets on.

But it's a bit odd that she really has no qualms about jumping into a relationship which is "serious."

So that would show up in the immediacy which she began telling her friends i was her boyfriend, or in comments she made about us in the semi-distant future. She used the L word a couple times. And i don't mean "lesbian." Actually i did hear her say "i'm not a lesbian" once or twice, but that's besides hte point.

Anyhow, i was like "whoa, you really need to be more careful, 'cause really you don't know me all that well. Seriously, you could be hurt by somebody [me?]"

Although weirdly enough i haven't been particularly weirded out by any of this, and think Hey, sure we could be together for a long time... why not?

So in the last couple weekends we went to a concert, watched her favourite Juliette Binoche movie, cooked veggie dumplings, went to a few art exhibits, met a bunch of friends, went bike riding, puffed some (which she hadn't before, but rather enjoys - yay), did some drawing, went to her coworkers wedding, took a bunch of photos, etc etc.

It's been fun.

Other news:
school is almost over, hooray. Last week i was dying, but this week seems pretty mellow, thank god. Just coasting through to the finish. Done on Tuesday. then i've got a bit of time to chill out before heading off to Shanghai and my big China By Train tour. Looking forward.

Ok ok, i'll try and post again before long.
Yihou jian.

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